tomdobbs.jpgMan of the Year is available on HBO so of course I watched it. I love when all the kind of bad movies come out on cable and then there are lots of things to watch. No Bear Grylls for me, when Man of the Year is on. I have a good buddy Sameer who used to claim that every time he came over we were watching Laura Linney movies. Now, I can’t see her in a movie without thinking “Laura Linney” in my head.

[spoiler alert: don't read further if you don't want any mystery in this movie]
Laura Linney plays a programmer that finds a bug in voting software that made Tom Dobbs, played by Robin Williams, win the election by mistake. She “cracks” the bug when she realizes that the software ranks people by the alphabetical order of the double letters in their name. So, Dobbs wins because he has double bs which are lower in the alphabet than the double gs of incumbent president Kellogg. What kind of crazy bug is that? Why doesn’t the system just add up the votes? I guess this is why we need code reviews. Accidental alphabetizing of double letters is the number one cause of buggy code in the country.

Oh, also I want to point out that on imdb the plot keywords are: Fart Joke / Political / Fart / Satire / Political Thriller

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Rotten tomatoes rating: 21%