xmen.jpgX-Men: The Last Stand really is a terrible movie. One might think that it is terrible because Bryan Singer directed Superman Returns instead of directing the third X-Men movie, but Superman Returns is also a terrible movie. One thing that they both have in common is the actor James Marsden. In X-Men, Marsden plays the laser-eyed Cyclops. In Superman Returns, he plays Lois Lane’s husband. In both, he is a cuckold. Jean Gray really wants Wolverine. Lois Lane really loves Superman.

In fact, if you look over his career, if Marsden is in a movie and there are two leading men… Marsden is going to be thrown over. In The Notebook, his wife-to-be loves Ryan Gosling. Well, he really hasn’t been in too many other movies as a lead, but still it is strange. Marsden is a handsome guy. He is hotter than Ryan Gosling. Why does he never really get the girl?

(Image from http://flickr.com/photos/coolmel/153957321/)

Rotten tomatoes rating: 57%