lawsmotion.jpgI went to a screening of The Laws of Motion Tuesday night with my good buddy Jenn. The movie isn’t finished yet and we had to watch it and then give feedback. In studio speak, I think the movie would be characterized as Matthew Broderick’s character from election in a sibling coming to terms movie ala You Can Count on Me. The characters all seemed to have names of elderly people. The main character (played by Matthew Perry) is named Morrie and his sister (played by Ginnifer Goodwin) is named Ida. Morrie is married to Betty. All it needed was a character named Moishe to really complete the family tree. I don’t want to give the movie too hard a time because it ends nicely and someday I’m sure my mom is going to enjoy it on cable and ask me many times if I’ve seen it. I did write on the comment card, “Just because the character is constipated doesn’t mean the movie has to be,” so I am sure they will fix that.

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