phantommenace.jpgDo you remember how exciting it was when Star Wars Episode 1 came out? Even if it wasn’t as good as the original three, it couldn’t be too bad, right? Mesa no think so. Episode 1 is even the worst of the three newest Star Wars. There were a lot of awful things that I hadn’t remembered. In case you forget, here’s my short list:

1. Why does fake Queen Amidala talk in that weird deep robot voice? Is it so we can’t tell that it isn’t Natalie Portman even though we can see her standing to the side of the fake queen in every scene?

2. Why is Anakin so freaking creepy? He seems more evil as an 8 year old then as Darth Vader. It is almost a relief when he grows up ito the other creepy guy.

3. The not so subtle focus on the Senator Palpatine while Mace Windu says, ” But which one was destroyed, the
master or the apprentice?”



Master, sir... I've been wondering...

what are midi-chlorians?QUI-GON

Midi-chlorians are a microcopic

lifeform that reside within all living

cells and communicates with the Force.


They live inside of me?

In your cells. We are symbionts with

the midi-chlorians.




Life forms living together for mutual

advantage. Without the midi-chlorians,

life could not exist, and we would

have no knowledge of the Force. They

continually speak to you, telling

you the will of the Force.


They do??


When you learn to quiet your mind,

you will hear them speaking to you.


I don't understand


With time and training,


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Rotten tomatoes rating: 63%