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The Henry Rollins Show

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I stumbled across The Henry Rollins Show the other night. Henry Rollins was interviewing Christopher Walken. I think Christopher Walken wasn’t taking the interview very seriously because he told Rollins that he really wanted to play a nice Ozzie and Harriet type role next. The show ended with a weird unfunny monologue by Janeane Garofalo while she sat in her bedroom.  It was like watching public access television, but with less talent.  I almost wish the show was on BCAT (Brooklyn Cable Access TV) to really complete the picture.  I can’t wait until the writer’s strike is over!

(image Henry Rollins Band originally uploaded by Chad Wadsworth)

There’s Something About Mary

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When I first saw There’s Something About Mary, it wasn’t under the best circumstances and I was in Myrtle Beach, SC.  I remember really hating the movie because Ben Stiller’s character in high school looked just like my brother.  For some reason that upset me.  I watched the movie again the other night and it was better than I remember.  This time I was struck by how much Ben Stiller as the grown up character looks like my brother.  I’m not sure what that means.  Anyway, did you know that Ben Stiller’s mother is Anne Meara?  That Jerry Stiller has some really strong Jewish genes.

(there’s something about mary dog originally uploaded by pinkdrix)

Rotten tomatoes rating: 80% 


Comedy, Drama, Fantasy 1 Comment »

With the boring holidays, I have been going through all the movies on demand. I was surprised to see Brazil on demand. I forgot, but Brazil is actually a Christmas movie. The whole thing takes place during Christmas. One thing I noticed this time around is that all the characters have different accents and it doesn’t matter. Sam Lowry has an english accent and his mother played by Katherine Helmond is 100% american. It is such a good movie it doesn’t even matter. From now on, I am watching Brazil every Christmas… tradition is important.

(Image Only in Brazil is this possible originally uploaded by joaobambu)

Rotten tomatoes rating: 97%

Die Hard

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I remember when the first Die Hard came out I couldn’t believe that Bruce Willis would play an action star. The guy from Moonlighting? Little did I know the havoc he would reek on those Nakatomi Towers. I like how all the Die Hard movies have the subtext of his estranged wife/ex-wife Holly. In the later movies they don’t even need to cast her in the movie. They just refer to that Gennero last name and add some terrorists. Then they don’t have to bog down the movie with any romantic entanglements. It is just Bruce Willis, some terrorists and more action than you can handle.

(Image Yipee-Ki-yay! – M… F…! – Die hard 4.0 reklam originally uploaded by davidnilsson)

Rotten tomatoes rating: 96%

Prince & Me II: The Royal Wedding

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The Prince & Me really isn’t that bad of a movie. I would watch it, especially if it was on right now, instead of Prince & Me II: The Royal Wedding. The sequel is straight-to-video and has only one cast member from the first movie, the prince. Apparently Luke Mably (Prince Edvard) was contractually obligated to return for the sequel. The acting and editing and basically everything about the movie is bizarre. It reminded me of a professor describing Count Chocula as the simulacrum of a vampire. Prince & Me II: The Royal Wedding is the Count Chocula of filmmaking.

(Image Me celebrating the Royal Wedding originally uploaded by Jenny Kearney)

Rotten tomatoes rating: 100% (only 1 rating)

No Country For Old Men

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It is so nice when you go into a movie with no expectations and then love the movie. I went to see No Country for Old Men and spent the next two hours holding my breath. I was so scared of Javier Bardem’s character Anton Chigurh (pictured right). I had never seen a Javier Bardem movie before so I had to look him up just to see that he doesn’t always look that scary. James said afterwards that he had been worried that it would be just another Coen brothers movie with people talking in funny accents. Instead it was a different kind of Coen brothers movie with people talking in funny accents.  We are going to see it again when James is back from traveling.

Image no country for old men originally uploaded by machu picchu

Rotten tomatoes rating: 96% (hey, they got it right)