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The Untouchables

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James and I watched The Untouchables over the holidays.  We both forgot how good the movie is.  What stuck with me the most this time is how clueless Eliot Ness is.  His buddy Jim Malone (Sean Connery) does all the good thinking.  George Stone (Andy Garcia) is the biggest bad ass in Chicago outside of their accountant (Charles Martin Smith).  Ever since we watched it, James keeps mentioning this accountant character.  If anyone knows an accountant who can really kick ass, let me know.

(Image Eliot Ness & the Untouchables originally uploaded by JBoone)

Rotten tomatoes rating: 81%

Pirates of the Carribean: At World’s End

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I stayed up late last night to watch Pirates of the Carribean: At World’s End. After hours of confusion, I turned it off, went to sleep and finished watching it today. Not only was the movie long, but there sure was a lot of it.

I am still confused about what happened. At any point, I wasn’t sure who hated who and who was doing the double crossing. Also, how come some dead people can be brought back from death (Captain Barbossa), some dead people aren’t dead (Captain Jack Sparrow) and other dead people just can’t be saved (Governor Swann)? Davy Jones can certainly fraternize with Elizabeth, but Will can’t? I can’t take much more of these trilogies.

Image Pirates of the Carribean Black Pearl Ghost Ship originally uploaded by davyjonesfx)

Rotten tomatoes rating: 45%

16 Blocks

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I watched 16 Blocks on tv the other day. I’m not sure how much I like the down and out and tired Bruce Willis over the down and out and tough as nails Bruce Willis, but it was still better than watching anything else that was on. (What? I have been sick and the holidays are boring.) I had really low expectations for the movie, but it really isn’t bad once you get past Mos Def playing his role as some sort of autistic crack head. I usually like Mos Def, but in this role he lacks the charm of both Hoffman as Raymond Babbitt and Dave Chapelle’s Tyrone Biggums.

(Image 16 Blocks originally uploaded by lokiv7)

Rotten tomatoes rating: 56%

Fight Club

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When my sister really hates a movie, she calls me and tells me the ending so I won’t go see it. This is completely voluntary on my part. I’m not sure why we do this especially since we have different taste in movies. So anyway, Joanna told me the surprise ending of Fight Club and I vowed not to like it if I saw it. And I saw it and I didn’t like it… but then I watched it again. And of course I liked it, what is not to like about this movie?

I just noticed that Roger Ebert hated Brazil, Fight Club and Die Hard. He liked Star Wars The Phantom Menace and said, “There is a sense of discovery in scene after scene of The Phantom Menace.”  I wonder if Joanna and Ebert have the same taste in movies?

Image fight club prequel originally uploaded by Kevin Steele)

Rotten tomatoes rating: 80%

The Replacements

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Believe it or not, The Replacements is one of the best football movies of all time. This is not because The Replacements is not such a good movie, but really because football movies are generally so bad. Here are the reasons why The Replacements is better than normal football movies:

1. In The Replacements, both teams are shown having possession of the ball. Sometimes team A has the ball and sometimes team B has the ball. When possession changes, there is a turnover or a kickoff or some action to explain the change in possession.

2. Sometimes they have to kick a field goal. It’s not all TDs all the time people. Why do you think the all time leading scorers in the NFL are kickers? (i know, i know because of extra points)

Well, those are about the only reasons The Replacements is a good football movie, but it is a start. I would watch it any day of the week over Any Given Sunday. Seriously, Oliver Stone must hate football.

(image Keanu Reeves – The Replacements originally uploaded by pyrobunnyshoney)

Rotten tomatoes rating: 40%