When my sister really hates a movie, she calls me and tells me the ending so I won’t go see it. This is completely voluntary on my part. I’m not sure why we do this especially since we have different taste in movies. So anyway, Joanna told me the surprise ending of Fight Club and I vowed not to like it if I saw it. And I saw it and I didn’t like it… but then I watched it again. And of course I liked it, what is not to like about this movie?

I just noticed that Roger Ebert hated Brazil, Fight Club and Die Hard. He liked Star Wars The Phantom Menace and said, “There is a sense of discovery in scene after scene of The Phantom Menace.”  I wonder if Joanna and Ebert have the same taste in movies?

Image fight club prequel originally uploaded by Kevin Steele)

Rotten tomatoes rating: 80%