On Sunday, I ran the Brooklyn Biathlon for the 2nd year in a row. I only rode my bike one time before the race (oops) and it shows in my times. The race was a 2.1 mile run, 10 mile bike ride, 2.1 mile run. I finished 4 minutes faster than last year. I came in 133rd.

Place Bib  Name                 Representing          Division        Run 1    min/mi   
133   118  KEMPNER, Michelle    BROOKLYN 11211        NT-F 30-34      16:28.4  07:50.7  
T1      Bike     MPH  T2      Run 2    min/mi   Total Time
01:12.7 42:26.6  14.1 00:58.6 17:10.9  08:10.9  1:18:17

I also watched a lot of bad movies, so more movie confessions coming up next.