When I started riding a bike, everyone told me I was crazy to get a hybrid bike. After about a year and a half, I relented and switched to a road bike. Now I have to ride all leaned over on a teeny seat. Then everyone told me I was crazy to have normal pedals. So I got pedals with toe cages… no different… so I finally graduated to clip pedals. Meet my Crank Brothers Egg Beaters. Every time I fall over sideways at a red light, I’m thinking of all you guys and your advice.

Here are my splits from the Mother’s Day 10 mile run (official time 1:44:46):

10′36″  11′01″  10′56″  10′51″  11′18″  10′56″   9′27″   9′51″  9′52″  9′22″

(Crank Brother Egg Beaters originally uploaded by mikey_k)