I left one channel on all day today while I took a sick day from work.  I left the house for a bit and Bad Company was on.  When I came back, it was playing again and around the same spot where I left off.  Bad Company is that really awful movie where Chris Rock has to impersonate the brother he never knew he had.  His brother liked jazz and fancy things so Chris Rock is a real Eliza Doolittle.  I noticed in the movie that the hot guy from Because I Said So (which I watched part of last night, again by the way) has a small part.  I looked him up to see if he is going to get a real leading shot anytime soon and what do you know… Gabriel Macht is the title character in the new Frank Miller movie The Spirit.  That sort of peaks my interest.  Is that sad?

(image good company v. bad company originally uploaded by the Mountain Label)

Rotten tomatoes rating: 10%