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Nike Half Marathon

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michellefinishing.jpgIn the pre-race information for the Nike Half Marathon, they gave tips for getting better pictures. One was to do something celebratory crossing the finish line instead of just looking at your watch. My knee was killing me by mile 6 of the race, so I spent most of the race very very sad. I still managed to finish in 2:19:22, which isn’t terrible although I barely finished. Crossing the finish line, I decided to try out the advice and I feigned excitement. I look pretty sad.

Click here to see a picture of me where I look ripped (and miserable).


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I am always curious about actors that tend to play the cuckold or the jilted woman in movies. What kind of type casting is that? Like Selma Blair, she never gets to be the main squeeze in a movie. Tonight I am watching Serendipity and the two partners that are to be jilted are the same two that were f-ed by Carrie in Sex and the City – Bridget Moynahan and John Corbett.  I don’t think anyone would ever do that to Kate Beckinsale.  Anyway, everyone knows Bridget Moynahan as the former girlfriend of Tom Brady, but did you know that John Corbett dates Bo Derek?  I don’t think this has anything to do with anything, but if you want more interesting banter I need to be watching something more interesting than Serendipity.

Rotten tomatoes rating: 57% 

(Serendipity originally uploaded by left wing lucy)

The Main Event

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michelletri.jpgI have been watching lots of movies (The Dark Knight twice), but I have also been training for NY Olympic Distance triathlon. The race was on Sunday. Here is the quick hits:

  • Swam in the Hudson and got stung by jellyfish. The water didn’t seem that dirty and it was a pretty relaxing swim.
  • Ran 1/4 mile in my wet suit just to get to my bike.
  • I rode the first half of the 25 mile bike at race speed. Then I got really tired and finished the bike very slowly. The Bronx are (is?) hilly!
  • I ran the first mile of the 6 mile run in 8 minutes. The next mile was a little slower. By mile 4 I was cursing the race and taking a lot of long walk breaks. It was a heat wave!

So it wasn’t my best times, but my goal was to complete the race. I was hoping for a finish closer to 3:30. I have no idea what triathlons will be in my future.

Division Place: 224/261
Total time: 3:38:14.73

swim | t 1 | bike | t 2 | run
29:12 | 9:32 | 1:53:26 | 3:58 | 1:02:09

Flat as a Pancake Tri

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So I did my first triathlon on Saturday June 28th. This picture is me napping before the start in my transition area. I have a superhero suit on under that t-shirt. Here is my summary of how it went:

The swim: We swam out to buoy for the starting whistle. Halfway out I just stopped and Jenn had to coax me to the start. I spent the first half of the swim getting my bearings. The second half of the swim flew by. I only got hit in the head once by swimmers.

The bike: I forgot to bring a watch and I forgot to put any nutrition bars in my pocket. The bike was pretty boring. Three laps of a flat street. Also, I couldn’t find my stuff in the transition area. Someone had stuck their bike over my area and I wasted about a minute trying to find my stuff.

The run: I kept telling myself to just wait for the run because I know I can run fast and pass people and feel good about myself. I was having trouble controlling my breathing and I started to cramp and had to walk a little. Later, I found out that I was running pretty fast! I had no idea and no watch on to keep track of it. Even with walking, I had a great pace.

My times:

Place Bib#  Name               Age G City       St Rank .25misw Pace  Tran1   Rank

===== ===== ================== === = ========== == ==== ======= ===== ======= ====
 405   270 MICHELLE KEMPNER    31 F BROOKLYN   NY  437   15:47 63:06    3:41  423
12mibik Rate Tran2   Rank 5krun   Pace  Penalty Final   Div/Tot  Div     Gen/Tot  G

======= ==== ======= ==== ======= ===== ======= ======= ======== ======= ======== =

 48:00  15.0    2:41  247   26:46  8:38         1:36:53  15/24   FT-FEMA 150/185  F

If you can’t read that, basically I came in 405th out of 458 that finished. My 1/4 mile swim was 15:47 (437th out of 458), my 12 mile bike was 48 minutes (423rd out of 458) and my 5k run was 26:46 (247th out of 458). So I kinda sucked, but they were 458 very in shape people!

(Image Transition originally uploaded by JLB)

The Happening

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At approximately 21:00 hours on Friday June 20th, I went to see The Happening before anyone could ruin it for me. At 05:00 hours on Saturday June 21st, the first day of summer, I awoke with one swollen eye. The next day, two swollen eyes. Yadda yadda yadda, I discovered I had poison ivy. The only place I had been where I could have gotten it was Central Park. I’m just sayin’ everyone who was making fun of the attack starting in Central Park better back off. It is a jungle of nature in there where even a city girl can get poison ivy… on her eyelids!

You know… plants have ways that they can attack.

(Image the happening originally uploaded by absolutwade)

Rotten tomatoes rating: 19%