So I did my first triathlon on Saturday June 28th. This picture is me napping before the start in my transition area. I have a superhero suit on under that t-shirt. Here is my summary of how it went:

The swim: We swam out to buoy for the starting whistle. Halfway out I just stopped and Jenn had to coax me to the start. I spent the first half of the swim getting my bearings. The second half of the swim flew by. I only got hit in the head once by swimmers.

The bike: I forgot to bring a watch and I forgot to put any nutrition bars in my pocket. The bike was pretty boring. Three laps of a flat street. Also, I couldn’t find my stuff in the transition area. Someone had stuck their bike over my area and I wasted about a minute trying to find my stuff.

The run: I kept telling myself to just wait for the run because I know I can run fast and pass people and feel good about myself. I was having trouble controlling my breathing and I started to cramp and had to walk a little. Later, I found out that I was running pretty fast! I had no idea and no watch on to keep track of it. Even with walking, I had a great pace.

My times:

Place Bib#  Name               Age G City       St Rank .25misw Pace  Tran1   Rank

===== ===== ================== === = ========== == ==== ======= ===== ======= ====
 405   270 MICHELLE KEMPNER    31 F BROOKLYN   NY  437   15:47 63:06    3:41  423
12mibik Rate Tran2   Rank 5krun   Pace  Penalty Final   Div/Tot  Div     Gen/Tot  G

======= ==== ======= ==== ======= ===== ======= ======= ======== ======= ======== =

 48:00  15.0    2:41  247   26:46  8:38         1:36:53  15/24   FT-FEMA 150/185  F

If you can’t read that, basically I came in 405th out of 458 that finished. My 1/4 mile swim was 15:47 (437th out of 458), my 12 mile bike was 48 minutes (423rd out of 458) and my 5k run was 26:46 (247th out of 458). So I kinda sucked, but they were 458 very in shape people!

(Image Transition originally uploaded by JLB)