michelletri.jpgI have been watching lots of movies (The Dark Knight twice), but I have also been training for NY Olympic Distance triathlon. The race was on Sunday. Here is the quick hits:

  • Swam in the Hudson and got stung by jellyfish. The water didn’t seem that dirty and it was a pretty relaxing swim.
  • Ran 1/4 mile in my wet suit just to get to my bike.
  • I rode the first half of the 25 mile bike at race speed. Then I got really tired and finished the bike very slowly. The Bronx are (is?) hilly!
  • I ran the first mile of the 6 mile run in 8 minutes. The next mile was a little slower. By mile 4 I was cursing the race and taking a lot of long walk breaks. It was a heat wave!

So it wasn’t my best times, but my goal was to complete the race. I was hoping for a finish closer to 3:30. I have no idea what triathlons will be in my future.

Division Place: 224/261
Total time: 3:38:14.73

swim | t 1 | bike | t 2 | run
29:12 | 9:32 | 1:53:26 | 3:58 | 1:02:09