Hundreds of millions of bored office workers sit in front of computers forwarding emails, blogging, IMing, and playing on social network sites. These distracted corporate employees have accidentally created the Bored at Work Network (BWN) — a huge people-powered network with greater even reach than traditional networks like CNN, ABC, or the BBC.


James pointed out that Whoopi Goldberg’s character in Jumpin’ Jack Flash might be the very first member of the Bored at Work Network.  Imagine in the old days of BWN, we got to do things like help secret agents escape Russia.  Now all we do is watch stupid videos on Youtube.  My favorite part of the movie is that the hunky British agent Jack is played by Jonathan Pryce.  I love to see him get to be the winner sometimes.

(Jumpin’ Jack Flash originally uploaded by Dippingmytoes)

Rotten tomatoes rating: 28%