I went for a run on Saturday even though it was pretty cold out. I dressed very carefully, but once I was outside the weather was perfect for running. I even took my gloves off. At some point towards the very end of my run, the temperature started dropping. It felt like the scene in The Day After Tomorrow where they eye of the anti-hurricane is passing over New York and everyone has to race inside to the fire before the super cold gets to them. Of course I had just re-watched The Day After Tomorrow in an orgy of self-pitying movie watching, which is why I was forcing myself to go running in the first place. I ran the last half mile as a sprint imagining that I had to get back with antibiotics to save the high school debate team that was dying in my apartment. Well that’s not true. I ran the last half mile pretty leisurely thinking it would be funny to do that. Damn it got cold out.

(image The day after tomorrow originally uploaded by Bold&Blond)

Rotten tomatoes rating: 45%