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Out of Time

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The problem with Out of Time is who could ever believe that anyone could pull one over on Denzel? Even if Denzel is playing someone really un-Denzel-like. He’s still Denzel in the movie because there is a definite moment of Denzel involving a parrot.

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Rotten tomatoes rating: 65%

The Princess Bride

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I have watched The Princess Bride way more times than I care to admit. It came out when I was 10 and my parents, who didn’t understand watching a movie more than one time, completely indulged my love of it. I remember that I stopped counting how many times I saw it around the 11th time. In my senior year of high school, we were given an assignment to write an original short story in AP English. This was our reward for a year of writing expository essays once a week. At least three people in class wrote new chapters to The Princess Bride. I had no idea that such a thing as fan fiction even existed. I immediately realized how close to being a huge dork I had unwittingly been. I have since hid my knowledge of The Princess Bride (and Monty Python for that matter). Of course I ended up as a software developer, but that is another story. Anyway, I am watching it again right now. Seriously though, how come Princess Buttercup can’t recognize Westley with the pirate mask on?

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Rotten tomatoes rating: 95%

Minority Report

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I know that there are lots of things about Minority Report that aren’t necessarily realistic, and I can forgive most of them, but why do they not turn off the security permissions for Tom Cruise’s character’s eyeballs? It get him into the temple to kidnap Agatha and and later it gets his wife in to rescue him. No wonder there is such a market for eyeball transplants, eyeballs are so valuable. I wonder if all the burglars carry around a bunch of eyeballs on a keychain in their pockets? They can’t kill anyone, but they sure can rob folks. Future hackers take note, stop whatever you are doing and go to optometry school immediately.

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Rotten tomatoes rating: 92%