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The Last King of Scotland

Ding, Political, Thriller 2 Comments »

last-king.jpgI finally watched The Last King of Scotland. We went to go see it once and got stuck in traffic and abandoned ever seeing the movie. Luckily, Netflix came through for us. When I saw it, I thought, “Wow.  What a crazy story…” but then I looked it up and it ends up it is based on a novel. So… anyway… I loved Forest Whitaker as Idi Amin and I didn’t even mind that he delivered the ding.

(Image from http://flickr.com/photos/idealterna/405218076/)

Dr. Nicholas Garrigan, the horny doctor, was played by James McAvoy. Luckily he was good because it is going to take a lot from him for me to forgive that Becoming Jane trailer. I still can’t watch him in a movie without calling him Mr. Tumnus and asking about Lucy Pevensie once or twice.  Lucy was from Spare oom, by the way.

Rotten tomatoes rating: 88%

American Dreamz

Comedy, Ding No Comments »

mandymoore.jpgI watched American Dreamz the other day and was pleasantly surprised. It is actually kind of funny and makes fun of as many people as possible. I like that it has Willem Dafoe acting creepy because I was starting to think from watching Inside Man that maybe he never was creepy. Mandy Moore performs a song in the movie called “Dreams with a Z”. For the record, that accounts for a lot of dings.  I can’t find the lyrics online so I guess I’ll have to re-watch the movie and painfully record the words for future appreciators. If I wrote a silly song like that I would definitely put the lyrics on the interweb.

Rotten tomatoes rating: 41%

(Image from http://flickr.com/photos/apexsensation/369247049/)

Lean on Me

Ding, Drama 1 Comment »

leanonme.jpgI hadn’t seen Lean on Me until the other night. I’m usually a sucker for the Mr. Holland’s Opuses and Remember the Titans of the movie world, but Lean on Me wasn’t quite doing it for me. As Joe Clark attempts to pump up the students before the big test, the movie has about the biggest ding a movie can have. A ding is when a movie says the name of the movie in the movie itself. Whenever it happens I say ding out loud.

Some dings are great:

                          BRIAN (VO)

               But what we found out is that each

               one of us is a brain...

                        ANDREW (VO)

               ...and an athlete...

                         ALLISON (VO)

               ...and a basket case...

                         CLAIRE (VO)

               ...a princess...

                         BENDER (VO)

               ...and a criminal...

                          BRIAN (VO)

               Does that answer your question?

               Sincerely yours, the Breakfast Club.


Others are not as great:


	He's the best you have. He's going

 Top Gun!


Some are just annoying:


                       What was his name? The, ah,



In Lean on Me, the ding comes in the form of the song Lean on Me. Two different versions of the song are in the movie and one is played a few times. I like Bill Withers quite a bit, but that is one big ding.

(Image from http://flickr.com/photos/ariffjrs/389785445/)

Rotten tomatoes rating: 64%