You know how you will be watching a movie on TBS or some channel like that and the next movie on will have one of the same actors in it? Whenever I watch a movie that has an actor in common with the last movie I watched (the same day), I call it a twofer. Sometimes I will watch a movie on another channel just because it would be a twofer. Anyway… I have noticed that books are almost always thematic twofers. For example, I was reading Midnight’s Children, which takes place in India and involves a pickle factory owner. Next, I read The God of Small Things about twins in India whose grandmother owns Paradise Pickles. After that, I read Gob’s Grief about twin brothers during the Civil War. One dies and the other dedicates his life to building a machine to bring him back. Do I just notice these threads because brains are made to make connections? Maybe most books have twins, India and pickles so it is just laws of averages. Anyway, I am almost done Gob’s Grief so we will see if the streak continues.

(Image twofer originally uploaded by brappy♥)