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27 Dresses

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27 Dresses isn’t particularly notable except for the James Marsden finally gets the girl in a movie. I would think that this is a good step for his career, but looking at imdb he has some gems like Conan: Red Nails coming out next year straight to video. One thing I thought was interesting, Katherine Heigl’s character kisses someone she has harbored a crush on for years to realize that she doesn’t love him. I think that kisses only work that way in movies.

(Image 01-26-2008 One of 27 Dresses originally uploaded by Gentleman of Sophistication and Refinement)

Rotten tomatoes: 40%


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I am always curious about actors that tend to play the cuckold or the jilted woman in movies. What kind of type casting is that? Like Selma Blair, she never gets to be the main squeeze in a movie. Tonight I am watching Serendipity and the two partners that are to be jilted are the same two that were f-ed by Carrie in Sex and the City – Bridget Moynahan and John Corbett.  I don’t think anyone would ever do that to Kate Beckinsale.  Anyway, everyone knows Bridget Moynahan as the former girlfriend of Tom Brady, but did you know that John Corbett dates Bo Derek?  I don’t think this has anything to do with anything, but if you want more interesting banter I need to be watching something more interesting than Serendipity.

Rotten tomatoes rating: 57% 

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Maid In Manhattan

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For some reason, every time I turn on the tv a movie is playing with Ralph Fiennes in it. It also happens that until the last Harry Potter movie comes out, he is going to be Voldemort to me. So every movie is now experienced with Voldemort glasses. For example, Maid in Manhattan is the story of Lord Voldemort falling for a maid while he is running for Senate. He thinks she is wealthy because he saw her wearing someone else’s clothes. Once he finds out that she is really a maid, he hits her with the Avada Kedavra curse.  You don’t mess with Senator Voldemort.  By the way, can something still be a romantic comedy if nothing funny happens?

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Rotten tomatoes rating: 41%

Prince & Me II: The Royal Wedding

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The Prince & Me really isn’t that bad of a movie. I would watch it, especially if it was on right now, instead of Prince & Me II: The Royal Wedding. The sequel is straight-to-video and has only one cast member from the first movie, the prince. Apparently Luke Mably (Prince Edvard) was contractually obligated to return for the sequel. The acting and editing and basically everything about the movie is bizarre. It reminded me of a professor describing Count Chocula as the simulacrum of a vampire. Prince & Me II: The Royal Wedding is the Count Chocula of filmmaking.

(Image Me celebrating the Royal Wedding originally uploaded by Jenny Kearney)

Rotten tomatoes rating: 100% (only 1 rating)

Because I Said So

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becauseisaidso.jpgAfter a hard day of battling the Cockroach Invasion of 2007, I needed a little romantic comedy crack.  Because I Said So was just what I needed.  It had Mandy Moore, Diane Keaton and two hot guys.  I’m not sure about this emergence of Diane Keaton as hot older lady, but I much prefer Stephen Collins to Jack Nicholson as the romantic interest.  What can I say?  I always liked that Reverend Eric Camden on Seventh Heaven.  He’s dreamy.

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Rotten tomatoes rating: 5% (wow, that is low)


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clueless.jpgI remember I saw Clueless when I was still a snob about movies and I was so surprised that I enjoyed it. The little inside joke about Billie Holiday being a woman really appealed to my sophisticated 17 year old palate. Of course, now I’ll watch anything and since Clueless was on tv, I watched it again. It was nice to see Paul Rudd when he was still adorable (pre-Forty Year Old Virgin). Clueless is a four ding movie by the way.

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Rotten tomatoes rating: 83%

Just My Luck

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lindsaylohan.jpgPeople think Lindsay Lohan movies are terrible because of her off screen behavior (and she’s kind of a dumbass), but it is not so. She actually makes a great laundry day movie. I watched Just My Luck while doing laundry just the other day. Just My Luck is about a girl (Lohan) who has the best luck in the world and a guy (Chris Pine) who has the worst luck in the world. They kiss a bunch and swap luck and in the end they realize that they had their own luck all along or something like that. Basically, it is a Dumbo and the magic feather moment.

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Rotten tomatoes rating: 13%