I was watching The Breakfast Club the other day and I realized that all of my problems come from that movie. I used to think it was Sixteen Candles, but now I know the truth. Why does Molly Ringwald’s character end up with Judd Nelson? Judd Nelson, seriously? I can just hear her telling her parents… “well his mom is the lunch lady and his dad ran off when he was a kid. he is really smart, but he does bad in school because the teachers just don’t like him.” The movie should end with all of the girls going out with Anthony Michael Hall. First of all, we know he fills out as he gets a little older. Second, you should always pick the smart guy. So what that he brought a gun to school? This guy is going to make bank. Keep in mind, he is the only one that actually writes the essay assignment at the end. This guy knows how to finish stuff.

(image It all began originally uploaded by Mark Griffith)

Rotten tomatoes rating: 90%